Our Services

The Lord’s Supper

Sunday 10:30 AM

Following the pattern recorded in the Bible (see Acts 20:7), we meet on the first day of each week to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by breaking bread and sharing a cup together. Known as the Lord’s Supper, this is the way our Lord asked us to remember and proclaim Him until His return (see 1 Corinthians 11:26).

Before breaking the bread and sharing the cup, we spend time together focusing on the person and work of Jesus Christ. After we welcome visitors, there is an open time of worship where those in attendance and partaking of the bread and the cup are free to pray, give out hymns to be sung or teach from the Bible as they feel led by the Holy Spirit (see 1 Corinthians 14:26). No set form or liturgy is followed during this time and, as a result, each week can be different. As this time draws to a close, we give thanks for the bread and cup and partake of them together.

After partaking of the bread and cup, there is often a time of ministry where a brother will teach the gathering from the Bible. This teaching is typically planned in advance, with the message forming part of a larger series either focusing on a Biblical book or doctrine.

The meeting usually finishes around noon, when we have a chance to catch up over tea and coffee before our Family Service at 12:30 PM. Please note that parents are able to take young children into our Crèche throughout the service.

Family Service

Sunday 12:30 PM

At the beginning of our family service we spend time singing together before reading a Bible passage. A brother will then usually bring a short, often interactive, message for the children from the passage before preaching to us all. The message primarily focuses on the gospel, the good news that we can inherit eternal life and receive forgiveness for our sins by trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation. As a result, if you are not a Christian, or want to understand what Christianity is all about, our Family Service is the perfect service for you to come along to.

While the Family Service lasts around 50 minutes, on the second Sunday of each month we spend time together afterwards having lunch in the hall, which is free and open to all who wish to stay.

Prayer Meeting and Bible Reading

Tuesday 8:00 PM

After singing together and sharing items and issues for prayer, brothers will lead the group in a time of prayer. At around 8:30, we continue in a discussional bible study that usually involves us working through the same passages covered in the ministry series that is being taught on Sundays. 

After reading the passage together and some opening remarks from a brother, brothers will conduct a verse by verse analysis and discussion, clarifying what was taught on the Sunday and drawing out truths and lessons that impact our lives today. Occasionally, we take a break from the study of a book to receive teaching from visiting speakers on a certain topic. Our time together usually ends around 9:15 PM.

Footsteps and Bigfoot

Friday 6:15 PM and 6:45 PM

Footsteps is a weekly term-time children's club for children of at least 4 years old. Beginning at 6:15 PM by singing songs together, we then teach a memory verse from the Bible and hold a team quiz. Halfway through the evening we split into groups by age in order to listen to a message from the Bible. Footstep finishes at 7:15 PM. As well as a weekly club, there are trips and outings, along with pizza and games nights, from time to time. While we are unable to arrange lifts for children to Footsteps, we can provide lifts home afterwards if required.

Bigfoot is a weekly term-time group for those of secondary school age. Beginning at 6:45 PM, it provides young people with an opportunity to make and spend time with friends. During the evening we look at a message from the Bible together. Bigfoot finishes at 8:15 PM. 

Community Breakfast

Saturday 9:45 AM

Each Saturday morning, members of the church arrange a free breakfast in the hall for anybody from the surrounding community that wishes to attend. Many different people come in each week, of all ages and backgrounds, and the church values the friendships made with those who attend. Attendance is on a drop-in basis, so if you are interested in coming along please just drop by anytime from 9:45 to around 11:00 AM. The breakfast provides the perfect opportunity to have informal conversations with Christians about everything from football and the weather, to faith and the good news of Jesus Christ.